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June in Community Psychology

Not once, but twice this week, we had the opportunity to share one of our favorite community psychology stories/parables: Lenny Jason’s classic work in Dog Litter. If you don’t know… Read More

Catching up with…Racism and Health

Recently, we wrote about recent trends in health equity research. Health equity is growing in prominence among researchers and community practitioners because, well, health outcomes are different for different populations…. Read More

Catching up with…Suicide Research

There’s an urgent need for mental health researchers and practitioners to stay up to date with research on suicidology. Practitioners, though, often struggle to find time to really dig into… Read More

Checking In With: Health Equity Research

We were at a conference earlier this week that focused on implementing evidence-based practices to effectively address health equity. It’s a big problem because there’s a lot of evidence out… Read More